Rudy Giuliani admits it’s over for him

When the Feds raided Rudy Giuliani’s home earlier this summer and seized his communications devices, it was clear to us that he was going to end up in prison. In order to even obtain that kind of warrant, the Feds would have needed to already have more than enough evidence to nail him. But even as a court appointed special master sorts his communications and the prosecutorial process continues to play out, there are those who are convinced that the slow nature of the federal criminal justice system means Rudy has gotten away with it all. It turns out Rudy isn’t among them.

Rudy Giuliani announced this weekend that he’s “more than willing” to go to prison. If that’s not fatalistic enough, he also said that those who lock him up will have to answer for it in the afterlife. In other words, this is a guy who sees no hope of getting out of this.

What’s interesting is the timing. Giuliani’s goose has been cooked since the day of the raid. So why is he choosing now to publicly acknowledge that he has no way to beat the charges or wriggle his way out of prison? Maybe it’s just all finally sinking in for him. Or have prosecutors informed his legal team that movement is about to happen? The only move left at this point is his arrest. It may be time to start being on the lookout for it. Rudy seems to think it’s coming.

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