Mark Meadows goes off the deep end after throwing it all away for Trump

Mark Meadows, the last White House chief of staff during the previous administration, knows good and well that the prior president lost the election. Yet Meadows continues to promote the Big Lie to the most gullible, even going on Newsmax (an entertainment and disinformation network) and referring repeatedly to “cabinet members” who supposedly meet with The Former Guy (TFG). Only the most gullible and conspiracy-prone somehow believe that TFG is still head of state, and their wishing that TFG were still president doesn’t make it so. TFG has no cabinet; all he may have is a group of enablers and sycophants helping him to continue living in his angry delirium.

TFG is obviously in significant cognitive decline, and he was never all that smart to begin with. It’s unclear if TFG really understands what’s even going on around him. But what is clear is that he’s indeed the former president, and he was only in office for that one term because of the inequity inherent in the Electoral College. That outmoded system allows for popular-vote losers like TFG to become president despite not actually being the people’s choice. By that metric, and given other questionable goings-on in the 2016 election, we can reasonably make the case that TFG wasn’t even a legitimate president.

Meadows knows that TFG is not president any longer, and he knows that Biden is the legitimate president. Meadows knows better than to continue to promote the Big Lie, just as he knows better than to push this false narrative that TFG is somehow still a commander in chief with a shadow cabinet of sorts. This unprincipled behavior is a disservice to the American people, and it could foment more violence among susceptible people on the far right.

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