Republicans in disarray

After a string of January 6th Committee subpoenas, the arrest of Steve Bannon, and subsequent cooperation by Meadows, and panic moves by Clark and Eastman, the Republican Party is showing signs of panic and disarray.

On the one hand, the GOP appears to have succeeded in making the U.S. Supreme Court fully partisan and on the verge of gutting Roe v Wade. In a recent piece, I discussed the GOP’s decades-long power-grabbing strategy through misinformation and fear mongering by hijacking the Southern Baptist movement. In addition to making the 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms their cause célèbre, they weaponized a crucial women’s health issue to strike fear and demoralize their base.

This tactic was incredibly effective. Thirty years ago, KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov’s warned America that the demoralization of an entire population through decades of “ideological subversion” or “active measures” is nearly irreversible. Our only hope is educating new generations. Democrats have consistently fought back with the message of hope, winning back the presidency and Congress and restoring integrity to the DOJ, for the time being.

SCOTUS deliberating on Roe v Wade notwithstanding, there are signs of deterioration among the GOP ranks due to steady pressure of legal proceedings bringing the truth out. Republican governor Charlie Baker announced he will not seek reelection in 2022. Boebert and Greene are attacking their fellow legislators. Liz Cheney has openly warned Trump about lying to the January 6th Committee.

Although apparently nothing will slap sense into the GOP’s zombie base, not even a deadly pandemic harming them most, or a decisive loss of the presidency and the Senate, the January 6th committee continues to tighten the screws. It will be interesting to see which cooler Republican heads prevail and flip on fellow traitors to save their own hides.


Thirty years from now, I hope the world will look back on this era of the GOP the way it regards the hysteria behind the McMartin case of 1987. Speaking of hysteria, crybaby and credibly accused rapist Brett Kavanaugh, during the hearings on the Mississippi case, said SCOTUS should “leave it to the states.” WRONG. Congress must pass the Women’s Health Protection Act and codify women’s health protections into Federal law to protect all the women of this nation.

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