These House Republican idiots are eating each other alive

House Republican extremists Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene are now calling for their fellow House Republican extremist Dan Crenshaw to be primaried, under the premise that Crenshaw isn’t extremist enough. These idiots are eating each other alive.

This kind of bitterly public infighting within the House Republican caucus is obviously good news for the Democrats. Voters in the middle don’t like these kinds of juvenile antics. Nor do they like voting for a party that doesn’t seem like it has its act together.


But this golden opportunity will only matter if you, the activists, decide to put it to good use. At this point every House Republican seeking reelection in a swing district should be put on the spot and forced to take a position on the likes of Boebert and Greene. Since there’s no easy position for them to take, it’ll cost them no matter how they answer. Then you, the activists, need to take their bad answers and make sure persuadable voters in those districts are aware of it.

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