This is a huge opportunity for the Democrats

Massachusetts. How beautiful that state is. And spending time there is like walking among one gigantic slice of American history. All states have their charms, as I’ve said. But Massachusetts is unique. Whether one is experiencing the bright culture of Boston, eating fresh seafood in one of the charming coastal communities, or daydreaming in Cape Cod nestled close to towering sand dunes, there is no question Massachusetts is a shining light.

And there is some intriguing news that’s come out of this state. It has to do with the Governor — a man by the name of Charlie Baker. Baker is a Republican who has governed as a moderate Republican, which has caused him to be disliked by some of the more clownish members of the GOP. And now Baker has announced he will not seek reelection in 2022.

While Baker is one of the more tolerable Republicans, make no mistake, he is still a Republican. So I am happy about this. I am pleased because democrats stand an excellent shot at turning the Massachusetts Governor’s race blue.

A Democrat SHOULD run Massachusetts. It rates number one in the country for education. It is one of the most liberal states in the nation. And Democrats need to win in more Governors’ races. Governors have great power.


Right now, we have a reasonably crowded primary, plus I expect more to jump into the race. But this race stands as an excellent one for us to win with the right candidate in a state where there are more registered Democrats than almost anywhere.

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