Republicans Double Down on Their Double Standards

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Among the many irritating and disingenuous characteristics of Trump Republicans are the differing standards to which they attempt to hold President Biden compared to his predecessor, whom they worshipped despite his deep-seated flaws. There is a disturbing consistency in Republicans’ disparate treatment of the two men across a wide spectrum of behaviors.

Less surprising is the fact that Republicans in Congress, former Trump staffers, and their sycophants in the media often employ the same exact language in raising specific issues about President Biden. It’s almost as if somebody writes out talking points on each issue and distributes them to Republican flacks. Among the myriad of things these Republicans attack Biden, but not Trump, for are:

– Increasing the deficit. This is so predictable, you can set your calendar to it, depending on whether a Republican or Democrat occupies the White House. No concern at all when Trump exploded the deficit with his tax cuts for the rich, but now, Republicans are “very concerned” about it, as if they all became Susan Collins clones.

– Not working in a bipartisan manner. Mitch McConnell and his Republican cronies had no qualms about ramming through unqualified judges and the aforementioned tax cuts with no Democratic support. But how dare Biden move ahead with wildly popular (with the public) COVID relief legislation without support from Republicans who represent a distinct minority of Americans.

– Appointing hyper-partisan officials to key Administration positions. See Bill Barr and Mick Mulvaney.

– Appointing unqualified people to the Cabinet. See Trump’s entire Cabinet.

– Disrespecting the troops. See Putin’s Bounties.

– Humanitarian crisis/inhumane treatment of immigrants at the border. Yes, they actually said this out loud.

– Dementia/losing his grip. How many times did Trump garble words, fail to raise a water bottle/glass with one hand or forget why he was there (to sign a document or greet a world leader)?

– Weakening U.S. standing in the world. As if cozying up to Putin and Kim and alienating our allies actually advanced U.S. interests.

– Having a crooked son. Exhibits A & B: Don Jr. and Eric Trump.

– Playing favorites with the press. Trump routinely appeared on Fox News to the almost total exclusion of others. As to press conferences, how about “I’m not gonna call on you — you’re FAKE NEWS!” Trump also elevated hack groups like Breitbart, OAN & Newsmax just to amplify his echo chamber.

– Using a teleprompter. When Trump had to look “Presidential” his staff was petrified by the damage he’d do if left to his own off-the cuff remarks, so they had him read from a script without deviation, as if he were a hostage held by terrorists.

– Sexual Harassment. Please. Not only has Trump been credibly accused of sexual assault by dozens of women, but he bragged about it in the infamous Access Hollywood tape. Supporters dismissed this as locker room talk that didn’t mean anything. But isn’t he the man Republicans love because he says what he means?

Republican hypocrisy knows no bounds, and there is no reasonable expectation that it will ever abate. The good news is, President Biden does not appear to be fazed by it and is just going about the business of governing – as if he’s not sure there will even be a Republican Party in 2024.

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