This Georgia arrest cannot stand

Georgia state Rep. Park Cannon was arrested and charged with two felonies for what appeared to be simply requesting to be present and knocking on the office door outside, while Republican Governor Brian Kemp’ was having a signing ceremony, enacting into law SB 202, controversial and sweeping voting overhaul legislation. It has also been widely alleged that Gov. Kemp himself actually enjoys his position and authority to sign and enact such legislation due to voter suppression laws in effect when he was elected.

Given these facts and allegations, the visual of simultaneously seeing Cannon, a black woman, being handcuffed outside Kemp’s door and arrested by state troopers while a ceremony was being held inside Kemp’s office, in a room full of only white men, enacting into law a bill meant to heavily discriminate against minorities’ rights to vote (or against folks who looked like her vs. giving unfair advantage to folks who look like them) was so stunning, it should be criminal. And actually, SB 202 itself may be criminal, since it is based on The Big Lie, reports MSNBC.

Cannon, a lawmaker who heavily represents the interests of minority voters, reportedly wanted to witness the signing and/or simply see for herself what was going on due to the fact that the bill was rushed through normal procedures then hand-delivered to Governor Kemp for signature so that it could be swiftly enacted and announced.

Cannon was reportedly warned twice, but continued knocking on the door prior to being cuffed and led away. She was later released on bail. It was also reported she was not allowed in the signing because they were simultaneously having a press conference, but the charges against her are felony obstruction and preventing or disrupting a general assembly session.

Cannon’s pastor, Senator Raphael Warnock, who visited her in jail, recently received a standing ovation for delivering his passionate first speech on the Senate floor, addressing voter restriction and suppression.

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