Republican busted for voter fraud

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It’s been pretty much proven that just about every Republican accusation is a confession. Whether it’s about sex, finances/business dealings or just about anything else for that matter. And electoral fraud is no exception to that rule. For example, here in Iowa the wife of a one-time Republican congressional candidate and current Woodbury County supervisor is in a spot of trouble with the law.

Kim Phuong Taylor of Sioux City was arrested on January 12 and charged with the following: (a) 26 counts of providing false information; (b) three counts of fraudulent registration; and (c) 23 counts of voting fraudulently. She faces up to five years in prison is convicted. Taylor is alleged to not only have submitted dozens of falsified affidavits, ballots, and voter registrations but got others to do the same.

Republicans love to talk about how every Democratic voter registration or vote is somehow fraudulent – especially when their candidates lose elections. They have accused others of voter fraud without any solid evidence over and over and are usually laughed out of court. I don’t see these same Republicans running to condemn what Ms. Taylor did. I don’t see the MyPillow Guy, Rudy, MTG, or any other of the Branch Trumpvidians calling Taylor out for her crimes.

As I said, nearly every accusation of wrongdoing that Republicans make are confessions. This is not the first-time a Republican has been arrested for voter/electoral fraud, and I somehow doubt it’ll be the last. And this is not the first time Republicans scream about voter fraud when a Democrat gets any votes but fail to say a word when a Republican is arrested for fraud. Nor will it be the last.

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