Donald Trump is getting eaten alive by his own paranoia

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It was the wee early morning hours. Many were still cozily asleep in bed. Perhaps you were as well. And if you were, you just might have missed the latest meltdown from the worst President in the history of presidents. “I have done nothing wrong!”

Yep. That’s the Donald on Truth Social, obsessing over himself — again. Only this time was a bit different because Trump wrote a little short story. The boy who cried wolf is an example of a short story. It is also a parable. Trump’s short story was about three pages long and was even charmingly numbered. How sweet!

Let us examine this little fictitious short story together.

Page one largely consisted of whining about how much cooler Biden’s special council is over his own. Trump also added that what he did was RIGHT. Whatever. On the plus side — no talking in the third person this time. Small favor.

Page two was more paranoia about various people being out to get him and talking about what a great guy he is and how he did nothing wrong.

Page three was funny. The “boxes Hoax case,” as Trump charmingly called it, needs to be dropped immediately! Yes, I’m sure Jack Smith saw this and thought to himself: “Wow. I better drop the case. Trump says he’s innocent.”

Of course, all of this is lies. This short story is entirely fictitious. But it did make me think of the story of the boy who cried wolf and that is why I mentioned that wonderful little story. The difference between that boy and Trump is the boy who cried wolf eventually told the truth once — and wasn’t believed.

I do not think Trump has ever told the truth about anything, but he has so ruined his own reputation that even if he ever did, nobody would believe him. Take this fake numerically written rant on truth social. Every word of it is a lie. It is pure fiction.

But it does show Trump’s panic. I believe that every time Trump has a meltdown of this sort, he reveals the truth in his own way. And that truth is he is panic stricken. He is afraid of what’s coming for him, but we, the villagers, the voters, the truth seekers, already know what that is — justice.

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