“Burn it all down”

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Economic terrorism? That is what the GOP is being accused of. Allow me to explain. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on Friday that we are likely to reach our borrowing limit in the next week or so. Congress must raise the debt limit.

Yellen wrote a letter to Congress underscoring the importance of what’s going on and reminding Congress to “meet its obligations.” and “act in a timely manner.” Only Kevin McCarthy and some of his klan do not seem to want to do that. Instead, they want to hold the government hostage unless democrats agree to a series of outlandish demands.

Many suspect Kevin promised members of the alt-right caucus he’d hold the government hostage to get their votes on his House Speaker position. After all, the crazy right wants to do things like shred social security.

One thing I want to stress. That will never happen. If Kevin McCarthy thinks the Democrats would EVER agree to do that, he is a bigger fool than even I thought. None of the bizarre things the GOP wants will happen.

But that does not mean they will not make lots of mischief in the meantime. The House is currently held hostage by a bunch of radical right-wing insurrectionists and economic terrorists whose motto seems to be “burn it all down.” They love to create mayhem and will not go quietly.

Luckily, some of the more moderate members of the House are said to be mighty uneasy about what the more crazy members want to do.
And all of this underscores what Palmer Report has said from the beginning. The GOP can’t do even the most basic of things. They have different factions at war with each other, which will shine brightly with every bumbling decision the Republican-led House makes.

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