Donald Trump has a real problem heading into his impeachment trial

Disgraced former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial is due to start on Tuesday. It is shaping up to be quite interesting. Newly released polling data from an ABC/Ipsos poll shows that people want Trump barred from ever holding office again by a whopping 56 percent.

These results are by a substantial margin and should give any Republican, determined to acquit, pause for concern. And this is no outlier. Other well-regarded polling organizations have shown similar results. In late January, a poll conducted by Monmouth University found 57 percent of people wanted Trump barred.

Also, per ABC, most respondents polled said that the number of extremists on the right outnumbered those on the left. This was by a stunning 17 points!

The data here shows that most people in the country choose to reject the hateful rhetoric of folks like Trump and Marjorie Taylor Greene. We do not doubt that these people will continue their nasty jargon, but it does not seem many are on their side.

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