President Biden really is cleaning house

President Biden announced and presented his American Jobs Plan fairly recently, but he started transforming the former guy’s anti-labor policies immediately after taking office.

Only 23 minutes after assuming the Presidency, Biden started keeping his promises to fight on behalf of the working middle class by demanding the resignation of Peter Robb, the Trump-appointed general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Robb refused, so Biden fired him. Trump had appointed a deputy back-up to assume Robb’s job, so Biden did the same to her.

The NLRB was created to enforce labor laws, but Robb had been busily subverting and dismantling it from within, repeatedly causing the NLRB itself to break the law.

The NLRB had become so corrupted under Trump that workers had just stopped filing complaints, fearing it would make matters worse. The former guy had convinced his working middle class base that he would never stop fighting for them, while in the background, he and his cronies were actually fighting hard against their best interests — even breaking the law to do so.

Robb had the GOP’s support, including McConnell, who tried to defy Biden’s swift action to no avail. They even tried seizing this as cause to accuse Biden of breaking his pledge to unify the Country. Those terminated were stunned Biden had given them a good taste of their own medicine.

Thus began Biden’s huge job of “cleaning house” on the first day of his Presidency. He immediately began “draining the swamp” and exposing “the deep state.”

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