Trump stooge Ron DeSantis reaches a psychotic level of villainy

If dimwitted and scandal-plagued Florida Governor Ron DeSantis runs for President in 2024, it’s unlikely he’ll win the Republican nomination, and extraordinarily unlikely he’ll win the election. But we all lived through 2016, so “extraordinarily unlikely” isn’t an excuse to ignore DeSantis entirely – particularly given the damage he could do, which could be even worse than the damage that his hero Trump did.

To that end, as things continue to get worse for DeSantis in Florida, he keeps ramping up his corrupt extremism to a deranged and frankly psychotic level of villainy. This week alone he’s signed legislation that allows people to legally run over protesters, and legislation that allows schools to basically sexually assault transgender student athletes.

This comes after Ron DeSantis got caught falsifying COVID death totals, and then had the police raid the home of the state employee who blew the whistle on him. DeSantis also went to extreme lengths to try to initially only give COVID vaccine access to the counties and zip codes that voted for him in 2018.

At this point Ron DeSantis is arguably the most dangerous Trump-aligned criminal of the post-Trump era. Matt Gaetz’s alleged crimes are even uglier, but at least we have the legal system to destroy Gaetz. If we want to make absolutely certain that the depraved psychopath DeSantis can’t become President in 2024, we must make a nationwide effort to make sure he loses reelection in Florida in 2022. DeSantis is one of the most vile people on the planet.

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