House Republicans are doubling down on their insurrectionist lunacy

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On January 6th, 2021, the United States Capitol was attacked by violent domestic terrorists seeking to overthrow the Government and install The Former guy as the President. Since then, the FBI has made numerous arrests. Cases are proceeding. That is good news.

And for months, there have been calls for a January 6th commission to be installed. This commission would be similar to the one that was established after 9/11. The group would investigate numerous things, including how the Capitol breach was possible and precisely who was involved.

But as of now, this commission has yet to get started. And that, of course, is due to the insurrection party.

The Republicans have been dragging their heels on this. Their arguments are absurd. They argue that if such a panel is installed, it would also need to investigate the protests that occurred after the murder of George Floyd. This is a ridiculous argument and should outrage everyone who wants to get to the bottom of what happened.

The Republicans are obstructing investigations into a deadly American terrorist attack. Why are they doing this? What are they hiding?

If the Republicans continue to obstruct this, it should not only be a campaign issue, but Biden should move ahead and designate a commission himself. It can be done that way, as numerous Media figures have said.

The Republicans, with their actions, seem to be protecting the insurrectionists. If it were not George Floyd, it would be something else because the Republicans do not want this commission and never have. Perhaps they are terrified of what the commission might find.

So, Democrats are not giving up, as Pelosi made clear this week in her repeated calls to install such a commission. The Republicans were always obstructionists. Now we can add aiding and abetting insurrectionists to their hate platform.

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