No wonder Jim Jordan is nervous

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Intuition is a strange and wondrous thing. Intuition is often very much elusive. There is much we do not understand about intuition, yet it is always there. Have you ever felt it? Has intuition ever awoke inside you at a time you did not expect? Has it gently nudged you, softly whispering that SOMETHING — something is not right?

Intuition is usually right on the money. It isn’t easy to recognize. Many times, I have dismissed the calls of intuition, and I have always regretted it. And right now, my intuition is not softly beckoning me. It is screaming at me that SOMETHING’S wrong. Something is wrong with Jim Jordan.

Jordan (wrong, insurrection party, Ohio) knows something. I know not what that “something” is. I cannot tell you what it is with any certainty. But I can say this: Jordan is nervous.

The other day he was asked about his call with the former guy. Has he spoken with him on January Sixth? What was the conversation about?

For the first time EVER, Mr. Jordan did not scream–he rambled.

He babbled, words piling on top of each other. He looked a bit frantic. I could not find the link, but if you can, you should watch it. It was an extraordinary thing to view.

I do not know what Jordan is hiding, but my intuition tells me it is pretty big. I could be wrong. Intuition is sometimes not correct.

But I do not believe for one moment, the man would have reacted to a simple question that way if he was not holding something back. I do not believe that.

We will see where this goes. I firmly believe the January Sixth commission will call him as a witness. He has shown his weakness. He has given something away. And my intuition is screaming bloody murder. Maybe yours is as well. And intuition very rarely lets us down.

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