Someone from the Trump DOJ is leaking the ugly details of Donald Trump’s 2020 election crime spree

About six weeks ago, someone leaked to the Associated Press that the Trump White House sent emails to multiple top DOJ officials in the wake of the 2020 election, pressuring them to try to overthrow the election results. Those officials reportedly included Jeffrey Rosen and Richard Donoghue, who both refused to bend to Trump’s demands. At the time, Palmer Report suggested that the most important part of the story might be just who leaked it. After all, if one of these officials was the source for the story, then that official was more or less volunteering to be a witness in any criminal prosecution against Trump for obstruction of justice.

Now someone is leaking to the Washington Post that Donald Trump personally called Rosen on a daily basis after the election, pressuring him to meddle in the election results. Interestingly, Donoghue’s name comes up again. This time Donoghue was reportedly in the room for some of the phone calls and took notes about them; Donoghue’s notes are supposedly about to be turned over to Congress.

It’s still not clear who the source is – or if the AP and WaPo stories even came from the same source – but it is clear that one or more people close to the top of the Trump DOJ really want the truth to come out. Whoever is leaking these details is all but surely going to end up being a witness during congressional hearings, and during any criminal cases that stem out of this. Stay tuned.

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