Joe Biden just nailed it

Make no mistake, the success thus far of the bipartisan infrastructure agreement is President Biden’s baby. Is it the best representation of bipartisanship in history? No, but it is a major victory considering the deep divide we suffer, and Republican vows to obstruct any Biden success whatsoever — even at Americans’ expense. Biden does not let such proclamations stop him from doing anything and everything to unite as many lawmakers as possible for the American good, because that is what he promised and that is what the overwhelming majority of Americans want. Could I have done it, considering Republicans’ indifference, outrageous lies, personal attacks, and assaults on Americans in need, true freedom and democracy? Never in a million years.

We all know how the former guy would have reacted had Chuck Schumer announced as minority leader he would obstruct anything from passing through the Senate — regardless of the urgent needs of Americans during a pandemic. President Biden has been on the phone to Republicans and Democrats alike throughout these negotiations, as well as negotiating with them and Americans in clear public view, always exuding confidence despite numerous setbacks, and never lashing out like an amateur. If there is one thing Biden knows, it is how and when to rally support publicly and behind closed doors.

Biden successfully stood firm in demanding the bipartisan agreement would not be paid for by Americans making less than $400,000 a year, even through user fees, gasoline taxes, or any Republican tricks those with less integrity would and have acquiesced to. Republicans actually agreed to corporate user fees, but bailed out on funding the IRS they themselves had crippled, so that it could actually start working to collect from the wealthy and corporations refusing to pay taxes, even at Trump’s reduced rates! Frankly, I never thought that would be possible. Mitch McConnell could still have something obstructive up his sleeve, but his unusual “yes” announcement definitely makes it appear he is on board with getting this done. Should the bipartisan agreement fall apart now, it would reflect horribly on Republicans, proving yet again that none are to be trusted to do anything the majority wants and needs. President Biden is showing and proving that honesty, integrity and perseverance can still move mountains.

Of course there is still the House to deal with, and finalizing the Democrats’ reconciliation package, but the Senate has proven repeatedly to be Democrats’ biggest obstacle. Nancy Pelosi may be right in demanding both bills be presented simultaneously considering we have Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin to deal with, but Biden is the best judge of that. Personally, I would like to see the bipartisan bill passed first so that lawmakers will be fully aware of what must be included in reconciliation, but what do I know? I put my full trust and faith in President Biden, who is truly demonstrating before us “The Art of the Deal” on infrastructure — something the former guy repeatedly tried and failed, never coming close to accomplishment.

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