New York prosecutors turn the indictment screws against Donald Trump

As prosecutors ramp up their investigation of Trump and the Trump Organization, the Manhattan District Attorney has had Jeffrey McConney, Controller for the Trump Organization for 35 years, testify to the grand jury.

This indicates the DA is probing very deep into the finances of Trump and his businesses — not just tax evasion and tax fraud, but possibly money laundering, bank fraud, insurance fraud, and on and on, making it even more likely that the DA is building a RICO case against the Trump Organization as a corrupt and criminal enterprise, which if proven will have devastating criminal and financial consequences, not only for Trump, but everyone in his orbit.

There have also been reports that this will not be the first time McConney has testified before the grand jury in this matter, for which he receives full immunity.


MSNBC talking heads reported Friday that while McConney has kept a low profile, he is a likable witness – very straight forward, but with a sense of humor. For example, he uses terms such as “phoney baloney.” He is expected to be a formidable witness against CFO Allen Weisselberg, in particular. McConney will be tightening the screws on Weisselberg, who in turn may have no choice but to tighten the screws on Trump.

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