MyPillow guy Mike Lindell gets dumped by his lawyers

MyPillow guy Mike Lindell’s self destruction continues on a disturbing and epic scale. He’s ruined what had apparently been a successful pillow business, destroyed his reputation, and gotten himself hit with a massive civil suit for falsely accusing a voting machine company of rigging the 2020 election against Donald Trump. Now it’s gotten even uglier for him.

Lindell decided to file a counter suit against Dominion. But according to Bloomberg Law, the lawyer he hired didn’t have his law firm’s approval to file such a ridiculous suit, and in response, the law firm has immediately parted ways with the lawyer and dumped Lindell as a client. In other words, Lindell just got dumped by his lawyers.

Mike Lindell continues to unravel. We’re not fond of repeating his increasingly deranged words, even to poke fun at him, because they’re not worth repeating, and they’re potentially harmful in nature. But it is worth noting that he’s drifted so deep into the abyss, he can’t even seem to find legal representation anymore. We’re still hoping he’ll be criminally indicted for seemingly urging Trump to illegally institute martial law after losing the election. We’ll see.

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