Mo Brooks is having a no good, very bad, terrible week


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Mo Brooks is Jefferson Davis in a windbreaker. Mo has found a way to revitalize the Confederate brand by simply remarketing it as MAGA. After sitting on the back shelf in Pee-Paw’s spare room for 166 years, Mo figured out how to revitalize the Confederate cause. He’d simply call it something else; re-label it like Blackwater and Philip-Morris. MAGA-land?

He needed assistance from the bloated POS that had infected the Oval Office for four years. Luckily, the Tangerine Tyrant was in high dudgeon about being labeled a ‘LOSER’ just because he lost. (That radical left, commie-pink-o, socialist lame-stream media, again.) So, getting the Cretin-in-chief to go along with the plot would be easy-peasy.

After all, the Orange Dolt had set up his own PAC and started the ‘Stop the Steal’ farrago before the election had even been held. A strange move but it was not out of character with a Doofus who still whined about voter fraud to excuse his first go-round with the press calling him a ‘LOSER’ in 2016.

Mo simply had to act as a lamprey to Trump’s bellicose Beluga; attend a couple of planning sessions, sleep on the floor of his office for a night and wear his Kevlar under that snazzy windbreaker. Small prices to pay for realizing Grand-pappy’s fever dream.

Mo thought that if he ran afoul of the law he could claim that he was immune from personal liability under a law known as the ‘Westfall Act’, which shields federal officials acting within the scope of their employment.

Then, the debacle of January 6th and there’s video up the yazoo showing Mo excoriating the MAGA-mob to ‘start taking down names and kicking ass’. Maybe it wasn’t good optics, but it served a nobel purpose. It all seemed good; the GOP closed ranks and circled the wagons for mutual protection. He didn’t go to those planning meetings by his lonesome, after all. But, then that Dem, Swalwell filed his civil suit, Mo was still confident he’d be let off just as his oligarchic touchstone had been, all his criminal life. ‘In like Flynn’, so to speak…

‘Hold on, there, Mo, said the US Justice Department. In a brief, the DOJ stated what should have been obvious to the most addle-headed Son of the South. To wit: “Inciting or conspiring to foment a violent attack on the United States Congress is not within the scope of employment of a Representative — or any federal employee…”



Duh… The really and truly only president of the United States, Joseph Biden, says the January 6 assault was the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War. Then, that attempted insurrection almost made Mo Brooks Jefferson Davis. Or maybe John C. Calhoun; Brooks likes to think himself an orator.



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