Mike Pence doesn’t stand a chance

There are so many pathetic GOP members that it would be impossible to list them all.

But among the cowardly clique, one name resonates–Former Vice President Mike Pence (spineless, insurrection party, Indiana.)

Pence spent his time as VP doing–not much. Mostly he effusively praised the former guy. I cannot seem to think of much of anything else the man DID.

On January 6th, when the Capitol was attacked, Pence did the right thing. For a minute there, it seemed the subservient man had at last MAYBE found his conscience.

No such luck.

In the last few months, Pence has reverted to his usual meek self. It’s not surprising. What IS surprising, though, is what he’s doing now.

Pence actually seems to think he has a chance in 2024. That alone is enough to make one’s jaw drop. But there is more.

Amidst the corn husks and rolling farmland of beautiful Iowa, a Presidential hopeful is trotting across the state this week.

He is meek and artificially righteous–and his last name rhymes with ‘dense.”

Speaking in front of many a drooling sycophant, Pence proclaimed he’d “had enough” of the Biden/Harris team, and it was time to fight the ‘radical left.”

This is an amusing strategy. It cannot work.

Many a MAGA loathes Pence. The left hates him—many in the middle look on him with scorn. There is a reason for that.

That reason is cowardice. Nobody wants a coward leading the nation. If Pence is so scared of the former guy that he feels compelled to act like a meek little mouse around him, how in the hell would he handle OTHER threats?

Is it not logical to assume that he would lack the backbone to assert himself in the face of danger? Isn’t it a given that he cannot judge character?


Pence wouldn’t have stood a chance even if January 6th had never happened. His views are too conservative. But add in everything that HAS occurred of late, and that makes it virtually impossible for Pence ever to grasp the prize he so greedily seeks.

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