What Trump’s MAGA loons just don’t get

Doesn’t it seem that some folks never got the message? You know, the one that was taught way back in kindergarten; or probably before one went to kindergarten, before one ventured into the wider world of social interaction with those not of your family. That message which is of most vital importance; that message, that lesson that each of us are part of a much larger whole. That ‘whole’ is, of course, society itself. We’re brought from being in an isolation tank of amniotic fluid to a society of two; mother and child. Later, the society expands to include other family members and acquaintances and small domesticated animals.

By the time we approach the traditional ‘age of reason’, we’ve learned quite a bit about the world in small lessons; how liquid behaves in a cup, the hot stove, the sharp knives, the taste of chocolate, insect stings and the sound of a household at rest. We’ve also learned lessons of ethics and morality; be honest, be truthful, be forgiving, share, think of others.

It’s those last bits which our MAGA-loon brethren (as well as their Orange Over-weight Overlord) missed. They seem to think that the world is theirs and theirs, alone. No need to share. No need to consider others. (‘My, Me, Mine’ is the lesson they learned all too well.) They whinge about losing ‘their country.’ They fuss about losing ‘their rights.’ They get themselves into high dudgeon about someone taking ‘their freedoms, ‘their guns,’ ‘their heritage,’ ‘their history,’ ‘their Dr Seuss.’ What they miss is that the world (i.e. human society) isn’t ‘theirs’ and ’theirs, alone.’ The world of humanity – human society – belongs to all of us. We, all of us, have traditions, heritage, customs, history, rights and freedoms.

Rights, freedom and the country are well-worth fussing about and fighting for. The loss of those things is lamentable – lamentable for everyone. The lesson the MAGA-dolts seemed to have missed is the complement to the basic rudimentary lesson about sharing. Those rights and freedoms that they shout are ‘theirs to lose’, are actually held in common by everyone in the USA. A democratic republic works that way; for everyone.

‘Everyone’ includes far more than one’s family and acquaintances. If only the MAGA-crew knew that.

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