Matt Gaetz strikes out

Last month federal prosecutors let it be known through the media that they were looking to criminally indict Matt Gaetz sometime in July. Then Gaetz’s pal Joel Greenberg sought and received a delay in his sentencing so he could get credit for the results of his cooperation. It all adds up to Gaetz likely getting arrested soon, and likely going down hard.

In the meantime, as things always work in this country, Matt Gaetz is a free man until his inevitable arrest. But that doesn’t mean Gaetz can do whatever he pleases. He’s been thumbing his nose at the legal process by touring the country and holding hate rallies with Marjorie Taylor Greene. Now they’re striking out.

Over the past few days Gaetz and Greene have tried to hold a Southern California rally in three different locales, only for all of them to be forcibly canceled. The most recent is Anaheim, where the plug was pulled due to “safety concerns.”

Of course it’s not difficult to figure out why Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene are having such trouble managing to schedule their rally. Gaetz is under federal criminal investigation for underage sex trafficking and could be arrested any day now. Greene is so vile, she was removed from House committees.


This isn’t a First Amendment issue. Gaetz and Greene will surely find somewhere to hold their hate rally. But just as they have the right to spew hateful anti-American rhetoric, venues and locales have the right not to want to host such things – particularly given that Gaetz and Greene helped incite a deadly domestic terrorist attack against the U.S. Capitol earlier this year.

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