Michael Cohen explains why Allen Weisselberg doesn’t stand a chance


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Have any of you ever made a mistake? Have you done or said something that you later wish you hadn’t? All of us, in this crazy thing called life, have, at one point or another, screwed up. Unfortunately, nobody is perfect, and bad judgment calls are a part of the human experience.

Sometimes, when a person screws up, they can learn from it. If they take ownership of their mistakes and turn them into a learning experience, these mistakes can help an individual grow and learn. That is the case with one Michael Cohen.

Cohen (made mistakes and learned from them) has proven himself invaluable, both in investigations into the former guy and helping the public understand said investigation.

So, he is a person one should take seriously. He knows the former guy’s mind inside and out. And he’s been pretty spot on in his predictions. For example, Cohen said early on that the former guy would never leave office willingly. And now he is predicting that the former guy is in deep trouble.

Cohen appeared on MSNBC this week and spoke about the investigation and Allen Weisselberg. There has been so much speculation on what is going on with Weisselberg and whether he will turn on the former guy. Cohen broke it down with expertise. Cohen explained how deep and unrelenting the pressure could be from investigators. He also explained why he thinks Weisselberg will cooperate.

“But they come with so much pressure, they come with so much force, that no matter who you are, it makes no difference,” Cohen explained.

“This isn’t about flipping,” he then went on. “This is about telling the truth.”

One would be wise to listen to Cohen. The truth does have a way of making itself known. In this situation, no matter how much the former guy and minions like Weisselberg struggle, the upcoming storm of truth is coming for them, and there will be no escape from its tentacles.


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