Donald Trump Jr. is going completely out of his mind tonight

At this point the most interesting remaining angle on Donald Trump Jr. is whether or not he also ends up getting criminally indicted when the Manhattan District Attorney brings a criminal indictment against Donald Trump. Apart from that, we don’t like to write about Junior too often. But it’s worth pointing out that tonight he’s going totally bonkers on a level that’s jarring even for him.

Some newly unearthed text messages allegedly show Hunter Biden using a racial slur. If it turns out to be real, then it’s unacceptable, and it’s a good thing that President Joe Biden didn’t give his son a job in the White House, like the former guy gave White House jobs to his family members. But as always, the Hunter Biden storyline really has nothing to do politically with Joe Biden.

Just don’t tell that to Donald Trump Jr. At this point he’s wrapped his entire sense of identity around the notion that he’s a victim because the media isn’t spending much time covering Hunter Biden. To that end, over the past few hours alone, Donald Trump Jr. has obsessively posted a double digit number of tweets and retweets about Hunter Biden – along with one incoherent tweet about making himself a baked potato.

It’s clear that Donald Trump Jr. has convinced himself that if he just keeps screaming into the abyss about Hunter Biden, it’ll somehow keep the Manhattan District Attorney from indicting anyone in the Trump family. This seemingly qualifies as some kind of mental or psychological defect. More than ever, Donald Trump Jr. needs professional help. Maybe he’ll get it in prison.

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