Matt Gaetz gets ripped to pieces

Now that multiple people from his inner personal circle are now cooperating with the federal prosecutors who are looking to bring serious criminal charges against him, you’d think Matt Gaetz would be busy preparing for his criminal trial defense. Instead he’s wasting his time tweeting asinine things – and he’s facing some serious blowback for it.

Gaetz has zeroed in on widely respected Dr. Anthony Fauci as one of his main targets, as an increasing number of deranged right wing conspiracy theories are centered around fictional narratives about Fauci. But Dr. Peter Hotez, one of the nation’s leading experts on pandemics and vaccines, was having none of it.

Dr. Hotez replied to Matt Gaetz and lit into him with this tweet: “These GOP attacks have little to do with Tony and everything to do with a broadside attack on science and prominent American scientists. The new GOP attacks display a shocking lack of knowledge of American history or our contributions. And more.”

That seemed to shut Matt Gaetz up for a bit. We haven’t heard much in the media about the criminal case against him over the past week or two. But that’s to be expected. At present the Feds are surely working their way through the evidence and testimony that was recently provided by Gaetz’s friend and ex-girlfriend, so they can verify it and prepare it for a grand jury. Based on the cooperating witnesses, Gaetz is more likely to be indicted than ever. He surely knows this too, even if he’s using Twitter to try to convince you that he’s somehow magically out of danger.

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