Megyn Kelly just found a whole new way to humiliate herself


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Megyn Kelly has issues. I have written about Kelly before, but before I get into the substance of this article, I’d like to explain why I write about her and why she matters.

Many say Kelly doesn’t matter anymore. And they are right to a degree. But Kelly, even though her fall from television’s graces was big, still hosts a moderately successful podcast and has a Twitter following. She claims to be “in the middle,” which is either insanity on her part or a bald-faced lie.

So it is important to highlight her hypocrisy, the same as we do for people like Tucker Carlson. Kelly wants you to know that Hunter Biden is a liar. At least, that’s what she said on her podcast. She claims he wasn’t telling the truth about not knowing if the laptop in question is his. She also bizarrely mocked his sex life while saying what a disturbed person he is.

If there is evidence that Kelly is a member of the alt-right, this is undoubtedly it. Hunter Biden hasn’t been accused of anything. He may be guilty of making a few bad choices in his life. And he is doing something about it.

Now let’s speak about Congressman Matt Gaetz (insurrection party-Florida). Kelly has not said anything about Gaetz. Apparently, in Kelly’s mind, being investigated for possible sex trafficking of minors is perfectly acceptable behavior.

But wait! Gaetz hasn’t been charged yet. True. And that argument might work if Kelly hadn’t dragged Hunter Biden into this. So, her hypocrisy is evident. I do wish she’d be called out more.


Some of her followers are calling her out though she rarely responds to them. Kelly matters because she calls herself a journalist. I’d say to her, act like it then, do your damn job and report facts. Sadly, this does not look like it will happen anytime soon.



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