Megyn Kelly crashes and burns

There is much hypocrisy in the world of politics and, in particular, the Republican party. We’ve all seen it, especially in regard to Trump. The people who engage in this behavior often give the Republicans a “free pass” on just about everything and anything.

There are many players in this sleazy game, but Megyn Kelly stands among the list’s top. Kelly’s had a rough time of it. After being let go from NBC for having said it was acceptable to wear Blackface as a Halloween costume, the disgraced former Fox anchor started up her podcast. She also tweets a lot.

And here is what is wrong with people like Kelly. Most of her tweets are “selective outrage” comments. Kelly likes to attack other news stations, particularly CNN.

Lately, Kelly has been tweeting about Andrew Cuomo and the nursing home scandal. There is nothing wrong with that. As Democrats, we must hold our own accountable when they screw up, and Cuomo’s disturbing actions have been getting much attention lately.

And this would be fine if Kelly had any integrity, but she doesn’t. Megs has barely mentioned Trump and the insurrection. She has not called him out on it, choosing instead to blame the Media for the horrific events of January 6. She has not called Trump out on much of anything.


Kelly appears to have many MAGA followers, and it is obvious she does not want to risk losing them. These are the same people who came down on her brutally when she dared ask Trump a question during the 2016 election. It is a sad fall for a woman who was once comparatively highly regarded.

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