This is just sad, even for Donald Trump

There was a pro-Trump rally today near Donald Trump’s home in West Palm Beach, Florida. By all accounts, only about 600 people showed up. Trump’s babysitters tried to cheer him up by driving him past the crowd.

That means Trump is so fragile, his handlers thought even a tiny crowd might help boost his sagging spirits. It couldn’t be more obvious that Trump is broken, dejected, and defeated.

This provides important context, at a time when large chunks of the media are trying to falsely portray Trump as magically on the verge of some kind of big comeback and in prime position for 2024. The media is trying to prop up Trump’s ghost because it’s good for ratings. But even Trump appears to understand that he’s finished – and it’s broken him.


Trump understands that his the focus for the remainder of his life will be the criminal prosecutions against him in three jurisdictions (and counting). It’s why he was afraid to testify at his impeachment trial. It’s why he allowed his lawyers to lay out a criminal defense case, even though he hated it. His life is about criminal charges and prison now. He’s done in public and political life, and even he knows it.

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