Republicans just handed Democrats a huge gift

58% of Americans say Trump should have been convicted, and yet these Republican dummies didn’t have the sense to do it. Thank you, Republicans, for handing the Democrats such a powerful weapon to use against you in the 2022 campaign. The Democrats’ odds of winning the midterms just went up.

– We can acknowledge that we’re winning and that the other side doesn’t have magical powers, while also acknowledging that the other side is trash and we need to work hard to make sure they keep losing. Pretending we’re losing is not an effective motivation tool. It backfires. There are undecided voters out there who lean Democrat, but won’t bother to show up and vote if all they’ve heard the entire election cycle from liberals is that the Democrats are going to lose anyway.

– One of the most effective things Biden said during the election: “I’m not a socialist.” He didn’t get lost in a vocabulary debate. He didn’t pull back on any of his left leaning policies. He just recognized that the word “socialism” plays poorly with most voters, and he rejected the word. It’s how you win elections. Anyone who spends their time fighting over a word is merely trying to win the dictionary.


– Someone should explain to Republican Senator John Cornyn that it’s not normal to get ratioed on every tweet, and that the things he’s tweeting really are that dumb.

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