Matt Gaetz’s missing money

And now the latest installment in “As Matt Gaetz falls apart even more with each passing hour.” Gaetz (freak-insurrection party-Florida) is now on Twitter manically defending his evil statement about the 2nd Amendment.

As Palmer Report told you, Gaetz went ballistic, insisting the Second Amendment was all about peoples’ rights to defend themselves against tyrannical governments.

Now, Gaetz is seemingly furious at the media for reporting said statements. He is insisting the media got it wrong and took his words out of context. No, the media didn’t do that. And many are telling him exactly that.

In addition to the despicable hate speech of Gaetz, he is now embroiled in controversy over another matter.

Gaetz has a fiancee. Yes, someone has agreed to marry this person. And now Gaetz and his fiancee Ginger Luckey (fiancee of Gaetz-still time to break it off) claim victimization once again.

This all has to do with a boat in Florida. The happy couple wanted to buy this boat called Ol Pappy but, alas, the deal fell through.

Gaetz is claiming the deal fell through because he and Luckey were the ahem-target of a financial crime.

According to the spokespeople for Gaetz, they say the twosome were explicitly targeted by “malicious actors, first domestic and now foreign.”

Well, maybe they were. Anything is possible. I want to know who did the targeting. Was it Putin? Foreign Antifa members? (sarcasm.) Perhaps the Democrats were responsible.

I have no idea what happened, and I am sure this piece of news will be something we learn more about. Gaetz most definitely has a problem in that he seemingly thinks he’s being persecuted at every turn. Where he’s going, I doubt they allow Floridian yachts. Gaetz is doing nothing for his cause as his mounting hysteria is being received with nothing but scorn.

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