Things just got even uglier tonight for Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg

Ari Melber announced on MSNBC’s “The Beat” that it has been leaked that the sprawling criminal probe of Trump and his organization includes the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC, as well as other properties in major cities across the country. News of the DC property being involved made my ears perk up due to the recently-revealed Weisselberg emails, connected to Trump’s financial scandal involving his inauguration and use of that property to grift taxpayers the minute he became president. Could they possibly be hinting at a Weisselberg deal in the works?

Manhattan is known to be very creative in its prosecution of the types of crimes Trump has long believed to be guilty of, including RICO cases, which are much more complicated and difficult to prove, but also come with incredibly stiffer legal penalties (possibly 25 years vs. 4 on one charge). This is already a massive and unusually complicated case, but they are putting an awful lot of work into it to make sure it is clear and convincing. Whether they try to include RICO charges remains to be seen, but I would think that with all the time, money and resources that they have invested, RICO charges will be included to some degree. The way I understand RICO is that it’s essentially a higher level of organized criminal conspiracy. This may be what is bringing all his other properties into the Manhattan DA’s case.

We all know Trump and his kids are still grifting us, and using the Secret Service to do it. They are just dumb enough to still be crossing criminal lines even while knowing they are under heavy scrutiny. It would be so like Trump to try something like that, and I would love to see him with egg on his face for it.

We should all be very grateful it appears Trump will be indicted before he can get started breaking ground on a presidential library. I believe George W. Bush and Clinton have residences attached to theirs. Trump would be like a kid in a candy store grifting us for that one. I don’t even want to think about it. Can you imagine?

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