Donald Trump has no remaining power

It boggles the mind to hear pundits claim that Republicans are afraid of Donald Trump. Then it occurs to me that fear is the foundation of the Big Con and the Big Lie. Donald has conned the GOP into being afraid of shadows.

He has no power. His ‘power’ is illusory. He’s not POTUS. He’s not a ‘billionaire.’ He’s not a business mogul. He’s nothing but a phony; an angry old fart without friends and without a future, apart from months or years spent in court rooms and holding cells.

Since they bought into the grift, the GOP are afraid that their own callow lack of spine and moral compass will be revealed fully. They are afraid that their vacuous grasping for power, coupled with their own culpability and their own susceptibility to Donald’s con will reveal them as tremulous cowards who have been bullied.

To cover their timorous, treasonous tracks, Mitch ‘The Obstructionist’ McConnell has contacted the GOP Senators who seemed to have wavered in their fearful obeisance to the Orange Ogre and asked them for a personal favor.

‘I need to ask you a favor, though…’

Indeed! Mitch was echoing the Orange Over-Lards own ‘perfect phone call’; the one which led to his first impeachment trial.

The quid to Mitch’s pro quo is this: by voting down the Jan 6 Commission, the GQP could delay the ‘Grand Reveal’; that they are spineless servants to the Former Guy’s illusory power.

The Democrats will establish an investigatory commission regarding the MAGA-insurrection; of that there is no doubt, but in that delay, the GOP will enter a new spin cycle of lies, obscurancy and obfuscation.

The MAGA-rioters will be alternately dismissed and glorified as misbehaving tourists to give cover to the GOP’s own foundational duplicity. 
Such is today’s GOP.

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