Matt Gaetz’s life is on fire

Curious that Mr Gaetz would claim the title of ‘firebrand’ in his latest pronouncement of innocence. Curious in that ‘firebrand’ has nothing at all to do with innocence. A ‘firebrand’ is one who is passionate about a political cause, as Mr Gaetz claims he is about the hollowed-out ethos of MAGA-land. However, ‘firebrand’ is also synonymous with troublemaker, agitator, rabble-rouser and most poignantly; demagogue.

None of those terms indicate innocence. Neither do they infer rectitude, righteousness or virtue. Most certainly, a firebrand does not confer integrity or honor upon its proclaimant. It surely can be argued that Matt Gaetz is a firebrand; that is not the dispute offered here.

He took up the torch of Trumpism and the cul-de-sac political philosophy of white nationalism, libertarianism and neo-fascism as exemplified at the January sixth insurrection. He has bent the knee to the self-serving greed and demagogic spirit of the Master of Mar-A-Lago more than have Lindsey Graham, Mo Brooks and the other craven sycophants who hope to sup of the Orange One’s meager leavings. For Matt Gaetz, a condescending pat on the head from the Former Guy is taken as a blessing. In fact, it is a callous dismissal of Mr Gaetz as a hanger-on; a superfluous player in the grift around which ‘the Donald’ has built his despicable life and nothing more.

The self-proclaimed ‘firebrand’ has branded himself as the purveyor of the insubstantial, meaningless posturing of the alt-right. He offers nothing more than a rallying cry devoid of meaning or substance; the blinking neon marquee of a casino in foreclosure.


Moreover, a ‘firebrand’ is, by its very nature, short-lived, for a firebrand burns out and goes cold. It is hoped that Gaetz’s flickering flame will be snuffed out by coming indictments for his crimes.

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