Matt Gaetz melts down as it all goes wrong for him


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We now bring you the latest update in the ongoing story of Matt Gaetz’s life falls to pieces. So, Congressman Matt Gaetz (crazy-Insurrection Party-Florida) is continuing his meltdown. One might think, how could he possibly top the last few weeks? He has.

Gaetz has decided to join the “America First” Caucus. This is, in reality, the “KKK first caucus” put together by racists such as Marjorie Taylor Greene. Its focus is promoting an “Anglo Saxon” agenda which is code for “we hate minorities.”

Gaetz appears ready, willing, and able to add his membership. He announced his inclusion in this twisted hate group via Twitter. He said he was “proud” to join and called the blowback to this hate group a “hit piece” from the “America Last” crowd.

A few things stand out here. One is how clueless the Venmo-loving Gatez is. Does he honestly think he will win people over by doing this? If so, he could not be more wrong—more on that in a minute.

The second thing is his pathetic attempt to be like the former guy. Gaetz clearly believes in cloning and wants to be the former guy’s clone. Only it is not working. And that brings me back to the first thing I mentioned.

Gaetz is getting no support. To say he is being ratioed on Twitter would be too kind. He is being eviscerated. I went through a vast amount of replies. There is barely any encouragement.

This is not because MAGAs have found their souls. It is because nobody cares what Gaetz does and that includes the MAGA world. Ninety-five percent of the responses are people telling him either to resign or making comments about the FBI investigation. So, this is just another wrong choice by Gaetz. Will, he ever make a good choice? The odds of that are not high.


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