Nice try, Ivanka Trump

This week it was reported that a group of former advisors for the former guy, with Jared Kushner’s and Ivanka Trump’s guidance, would launch “America First Policy Institute,” a right-wing nonprofit, aimed at “perpetuating [the former guy’s] populist policies.” Boasting a first-year operating budget of $20,000,000, in a flashy ad, the group claims it will be “the heart of [an] effort” to save the “soul of this country.”

This is the latest in a long string of recent announcements about Trump-centered think-tank-style organizations popping up in Washington that are aimed at doing his bidding, all while he attempts to maintain control of the GOP from Mar-a-Lago. So, the grifter plans to keep on grifting with Ivanka and Jared’s help.

Meanwhile, the New York Times reports many Republicans are staying silent on the former guy, avoiding giving a direct answer about his caustic behavior for fear of attack, hoping someone else will stand up to him or he’ll just go away.


But who are GOP donors looking to as a possible replacement for Trump to run for President in 2024? Apparently gluttons for punishment, they are reportedly flocking to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a “nicer version” of Trump. That suits me just fine since DeSantis is a totally incompetent crook, who doesn’t have a chance in hell against Biden and won’t be doing much of a favor for any other Republicans up for re-election.

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