Marjorie Taylor Greene cuts and runs

Earlier this weekend, embattled House Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene did the Democrats a favor when she launched an “America First” caucus that claimed to be focused on “Anglo-Saxon” values. In so doing, she was painting the entire Republican Party as being a white supremacist movement, thus handing the Democrats the advantage in the 2022 elections.

Now it appears Marjorie Taylor Greene has belatedly caught on and figured out what a stupid mistake she was making. She’s telling Forbes this evening that she’s now cutting and running on the entire thing. She’s even going so far as to claim she never read the caucus manifesto, and she’s blaming her staff for the entire thing.


Palmer Report has been saying all year that having a House Republican lunatic like Majorie Taylor Greene is actually good news for the Democrats. The Republicans can’t make up their minds whether to rebuke her deranged antics, meaning the Democrats can spend the 2022 election cycle criticizing every Republican candidate for refusing to do anything about Greene. Antics like this are what we were talking about. Even though she pulled the plug on her white supremacist caucus, the Democrats can still use it as a campaign talking point nationwide in the midterm elections.

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