Matt Gaetz is having a bad week

And now another installment in the ongoing episode of the creature named Matt Gaetz. Gaetz (swampy, insurrection party, Florida) is insane, but then again, we all knew that. But today, I’d like to speak about the Venmo fan’s Twitter page.

Is there no end to this man’s ongoing love affair with himself? Seriously, I have rarely seen someone toot their own horn as much as this guy. A little humbleness would do the man good, especially since he has virtually no accomplishments since becoming a Congressman.

So, we are still on indictment watch. It did not happen in July, but that does not mean it will not occur in August. As previously mentioned, his fianceé’s sister has disclosed that she hates him. He attempted to take his hate tour to the great state of California and was canceled there.

He tried to hold a protest on behalf of the jailed insurrectionists and was hooted at, called a pedophile, and chased away. Now, he is openly advocating violence. So – how do I say this nicely? It’s been a shitty month for the shitty guy.

I feel zero remorse for being tough on him. This man is a walking caricature of a spoiled frat boy. He has shown zero remorse and now openly supports insurrectionists when he is not tweeting about a gratified guy. I hope indictments drop soon.

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