Josh Hawley is even more of a fascist than we knew

The new brand of Republicans are not only professional liars, but they are hypocrites. Josh Hawley, who supported the insurrectionists as they vandalized the Capitol, now wants children to love America. Of course, this has nothing with Josh Hawley’s love of America; it has to do with control. Huffington Post reported on Hawley’s op-ed, which centered around his idea of schools teaching “patriotism” instead of truth. Yes, he’s an anti-CRT. What a surprise. HuffPost, however, carefully pointed out how Hawley contradicts his own idiocy.

Hawley is the man who walked by a crowd of white supremacists and pumped his arm in solidarity with them. It should be no surprise that he supports whitewashing history to downplay the race issues plaguing this country. Hawley is proposing a bill to ensure his agenda, and according to HuffPost, it “is going nowhere.” This bill would withhold federal funds from schools that teach real, unaltered history. Hawley also wants to force schools to require that students read and recite portions of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Pledge of Allegiance. Hawley continues with his ridiculousness throughout the entirety of his piece, and HuffPost shoots him down along the way.

Hawley wrote: “This is not a nation of oppressors. This is a nation of liberators.” In Hawley’s world, the slaughter of Native Americans with government approval and assistance never happened. Perhaps Hawley does not see this as “white supremacy,” but that is white supremacy at its worst. Hawley further opined: “This is the country founded on the worth and dignity of every individual,” yet he ignores that slaves were considered “three-fifths of a free individual” and that women did not have the right to vote. He insults even further by claiming: “This is the country that freed the slaves,” yet he does not want children to learn how slaves even came to be by leaving out that they were brought to this country against their will for free labor. The hypocrisy is stunning, but Josh Hawley is an idiot, so it should not be so shocking that he is an insufferable hypocrite.

People like Josh Hawley do not care about the nonsense they spout. It is all for show and to get votes from the people they have frightened with their rhetoric. It is all about power and nothing else. Hawley is one of the most un-American people in Congress, and he showed that when he and 146 of his colleagues tried to reject democracy by voting to overturn the 2020 presidential results. He was also one of 139 Republicans who blocked the creation of an independent body to examine the January 6 insurrection. He is one of many who continued to tout the “big lie” to use it as their excuse to try to override a free, fair election. Hawley is not only a hypocrite, but he is also a waste of space in Congress. People voting for these hypocrites better wake up and see the truth before they turn on them. You best believe that if it is in their best interests, they will.

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