Matt Gaetz resorts to violent rhetoric as it all falls apart for him

And now the next installment in Matt Gaetz and his screwed-up world. Matt Gaetz is our enemy. I do not make statements like that lightly. Mr. Gaetz is now openly threatening his opponents.l It is time for him to be disciplined.

“We got the native crowd here. That’s probably why we don’t have as many protesters. They know that my supporters are better armed. We’re the Sunshine state, but we’re also the gun-shine state.”

This man is dangerous. His behavior has reached levels of psychosis that rival the former guy. I hope to see an indictment against the venomous Congressman soon.

I want to address something else. It has to do with the comments I sometimes see in regards to the evil Gaetz. Many of you have said you have a terrible feeling or cannot sleep at night.

I do not like Palmer Report readers to feel that way, but I will say – this is why we will win. Are you one of the people who have awakened in the middle of the night? Perhaps you could not sleep because of the worry–and the love–you feel for our country.

Maybe you sat staring out into the star-covered night sky. Perhaps you sat thoughtfully, contemplating where our country is heading. Perhaps you looked out into the mystery of night, unsure of what tomorrow would bring.

But know this: you are not alone. All over the country, and the world, thousands are doing the same. As you perhaps lay awake, there were millions of passionate activists – thinking and feeling just like you.

Perhaps you could feel the effortless connection. Maybe you knew there were so many others drinking in their love of America yet drowning in the darkness of night and the elusive resistance of sleep.

This is why we will prevail over odious villains like Gaetz. We have a love of country, and we have the numbers.

So, next time the feeling comes upon you, relax and know that the passion and the purity of soul of all of us are the reason why we will win in 2022. Then smile as you silently whisper to your fellow patriots who are with you now and always.

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