Matt Gaetz gets humiliated

I heard that yesterday the Congressional Treason Clown Car (CTCC) consisting of Gaetz, Greene, and Gohmert tried to “visit” a Washington, DC Department of Corrections (DOC) jail with a camera crew to assess the conditions their fellow traitors who attacked the Capitol are being held in. They got turned away by DOC staff, who said that the unannounced CTCC visit had compromised safety and security at the jail and were not in keeping with rules and procedures the DOC has established for all visitors to DOC jails regardless of who they are.

Predictably the three are on the Reich wing media circuit and social media now complaining about how mean and Marxist the DC is being to them now and how the traitors that assaulted our Capitol on January 6 have it so rough in jail. Spare me. If anything, many of them are getting off way too easy.

At this point it would not surprise me if this was a plan on the CTCC’s part to compromise the jail’s security so that the Branch Trumpvidians being held in the jail are either moved or released from custody. (Especially since they arrived with a camera crew in tow). Or in getting their single brain celled supporters to do something stupid at the jail. Nothing the CTCC does really surprises me anymore.

And if Matt Gaetz is curious as to what jail is like, I imagine he’ll have plenty of firsthand experience before too long. That was a missed opportunity. They of course should have let him in. Just not let him go back out. Oh, well.

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