Tucker Carlson over the edge

He’s creeping ever closer to the edge. What do I mean by that? Well, here’s the thing. Evil people โ€“ some of the โ€“ can live among society very well. They can wear their masks, pretend to blend in with the crowd, pretend their wicked natures do not exist. But it usually catches up to them.

I cannot read every Palmer Report comment, but I have read enough to understand the frustrations of many of you that Tucker Carlson has not yet been canceled. And I remain firm in my belief that it will happen.

I’ve been wrong before. I don’t think I am now, although there is always that possibility. But you see, Tucker’s psychosis is becoming more apparent every day. The backlash is getting stronger. And there will come the point where the evil little hate-doll will go too far.

Right now, he is testing the corporate robots over at Fox-Non-news. And he is moving ever so stealthily toward the edge of the cliff.

It would seem our least favorite non-news pundit has decided to go after our beloved Vice President.

In a vicious and loathsome attack, Carlson referred to VP Harris as “Willie Brown’s girlfriend…a person with no adult skills, a person who can’t figure out how to pronounce her first name.”


It was a racist and misogynistic attack that SHOULD be enough to get his ass hauled off our television screens โ€“ I doubt it will be. He is going to have to go further, and he will. So, what can be done? Write to Fox. Put pressure on the remaining advertisers like USAA. And we wait. We wait for him to step over the edge.

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