The next move for Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger

Rep. Liz Cheney and Rep. Adam Kinzinger are decent people. I say this, although I would not vote for either of them. Their policies are just not for me. However, they have conducted themselves with humility, calling out the vile actions of the former guy and taking a lot of heat for it.
Too much heat, in my opinion.

They are now on the January sixth commission and so far have been doing a fine job, showing themselves to be informed, professional and compassionate.

So, the big question on my mind–and many others based on what I see on Twitter – is – will either of them switch parties?

I’m my opinion, they both should. Their party has all but spat on them. They have disrespected them to degrees that defy description. Frankly, if it was me, I could not have put up with it.

I am not so sure they would switch. Let’s start with Cheney.

Cheney is a conservative through and through. She has made it clear in many statements that she wants to save the party from itself. I think that’s a losing mission, at least for now, but the fact remains that is her goal. I doubt very much she would ever join the Democrats or even become an independent.

Kinzinger is a different story. Frankly, he is too good for the GOP. He has too much humility and kindness. Would he switch? I do not know, but I think he is more likely to than Cheney.

And why not? It would be to his benefit. He could be a “Blue Dog” Dem. He does not have to believe everything every Democrat believes. We are a big tent party.

Nobody can get inside their minds and know what they are thinking, but one thing is sure. If either of these two decides to swim on over to the sea of blue-they will be warmly welcomed.

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