Marsha Blackburn caught lying yet again

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Republican Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn made an absolutely loony statement about President Biden’s new $1.8 trillion American Families Plan proposal. She characterized the proposed bill as “anti-family” that would reduce Americans’ control over their lives.

“Three-year-old pre-K: they’re going to mandate this. Two years of college whether you like it or not. These are the things that take away choices from the American people,” Blackburn said in an interview on Fox Business.

This bald lie is very easy to check, and her statement doesn’t make sense. It sounds like she is against kindergarten and child care because Americans have a right to raise their children without pre-K schooling. And she says that Americans would not have a choice, they have to attend 2 year community college. None of this is mandatory, but it would be beneficial if people wanted to take advantage of such opportunities.

This is as crazy as Tucker Carlson telling people that if they see children wearing masks, they are to call the authorities and wait right there until someone comes. Well, Tucker Carlson’s army of listeners are apparently not as crazy as Tucker Carlson.

Some of her Republican colleagues falsely alleged that Biden is trying to force Americans to sharply reduce their consumption of red meat.

Like those claims about Biden and meat, Blackburn’s claims about Biden and education were thoroughly inaccurate. The GOP has no good ideas, that is why they are resorting to these crazy falsehoods. The GOP is frequently resorting to throwing out an amazing statement that just happens to be easily proved false. I am not sure that this would qualify as a party platform, but if you noticed, the GOP didn’t even have a party platform last election.

Peter Pan used to sing “Whatever you can do, I can do better”. Except we have seen what the GOP did in the last 4 hours and it didn’t benefit the American people appreciably. They made these fantastic claims and that was all they did. Yeah, sure, they put through some judges. They built part of a wall on the border. They wanted to cut the wealthy some tax breaks, but you got a little bit of that. Yes, some of you got $2,000 coronavirus stimulus checks. But this presidency also slowed down the mail, lied about nearly everything, and the Trump Administration holds the record for the number of people who were criminally indicted for various stuff.

And they expect to Republicans to get elected in the 2022 election?

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