Now this is just sad

The Republican Party is a wasteland of bad actors. Even the so-called sane ones are totally unlikeable. No one cares that the former guy is attacking Mitch McConnell, and wants him out of his leadership position. That might even be good news for Democrats.

Gov. Ron DeSantis actually said that acknowledging racism in our country is Marxist. This is the guy who is supposed to be adding sugar and spice to Trumpism? Liz Cheney actually felt she had to defend herself and explain on Twitter why she acted respectable towards President Biden. How sad is that?

While the Republicans flounder in the wilderness without a leader, Democrats on the other hand have President Biden, arguably the most likable politician in history. It almost makes me feel sorry for Republicans and conservatives in general, but they’re the ones who have chosen a cult of hateful personalities, rather than a party of policies that are good for Americans.

And Americans know what’s good for them. The poll numbers judging President Biden’s speech were through the roof. According to CNN, 71% walked away feeling more optimistic about the country. 73% said Biden’s policies were moving the country in the right direction, even more bullish than before the speech — still high at 67%.

So if the Republicans want to continue to walk in the barren hinterland of their own imagination, that’s fine. We’ll be enjoying the fruits of our labors over here in the beautiful world we’re working to create under the leadership of President Biden.

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