What is Lauren Boebert afraid of?

The halls of the Capitol echoed with angry voices. There were furious people there, eyes glinting in rage, ready for battle, fury and malevolent darkness reverberating off them. Only these were not the January Sixth insurrectionists. Not at all. These are American Senators and Congresspeople.

Lauren Boebert threw a mask at a staffer. Angry Congresspeople tried to walk to their offices while dodging the putting on of a mask. Reportedly, GOP staff members had a maskless party at the end of the day.
All over, the rage and defiance were so thick one could almost touch it.

Why? For a piece of cloth? What are they so afraid of, these people? What do they fear?

These subhumans are making life miserable for innocent people. Their petulance has reached a level I consider dangerous and frightening.

I propose that the next time something like this happens–lock em up. Lock ALL of them up.

People like Gaetz, Greene, and Boebert have forfeited the right to their freedoms, at least temporarily. They are endangering the health and well-being of everybody inside the Capitol. They have made themselves outcasts, and they openly defy medical advice.

Who will die because of them? Because I am sure, someone will.

We need to become much tougher on these imbeciles. They cannot be allowed to party freely, without precautions, spreading their noxious germs, laughing their evil chuckles, relishing the pain of others.
I hope that we will see their asses thrown out of the Capitol and into the local prison in time.

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