Marco Rubio goes off the deep end

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As the Republicans try to cleanse themselves of the stench of their cowardice, which they will never be able to do, I thought it might be both educational and highly amusing to check in on what our least favorite members of the Sedition party are doing tonight.

Let’s start with Robotic Marco Rubio. As previously reported, Rubio either made a typo or is thinking about Cinderella because he tweeted about impeachment being a “slipper slope.” Right. No need for further comment on that one.

There is Lindsey Graham. Dear Lindsey is busy right now, attacking the media on Twitter and getting ratioed. Nothing we didn’t expect.

Josh Hawley has only tweeted once since his “LET’S GO CHIEFS” tweet. You can see how that worked out for him. Maybe that’s why he’s quiet. For whatever reason, we are grateful.

And now we come to the Trump-loyal and insane Wisconsinite, Senator Ron Johnson. Johnson is busily tweeting. About what, do you ask?

According to Johnson, Trump’s legal team “legally eviscerated” the House Impeachment Managers. No, I am not making this up. I don’t know what happened to Ron’s intelligence or if he ever had any, but it has been sucked away.

And last and certainly least, there is Donald Trump’s dear progeny. Don Jr. Don appears to be living in a different realm from the rest of us because he has tweeted how happy he is that the Charlottesville “fine people” hoax has been exposed. The term “like father, like son” is the only thing that needs to be said.

What’s important is the final vote but remember the fact that we’ve won. Even without a conviction, the Democrats have proven their case, and Trump and his loony cohorts will go down in history as the party of violence and hate.

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