In wake of last night’s bombshells, Republican official calls on Mitch McConnell to convict Donald Trump

The wheels just keep on turning. On Friday night we learned that Trump taunted Kevin McCarthy while the invaders were inside the Capitol building, even as Mike Pence’s camp confirmed that Trump was lying when he said he didn’t know Pence was in danger.

It’s all potentially changed the math when it comes to convicting Trump in his impeachment trial. There were reportedly already five to ten Republican Senators seriously considering voting to convict even before last night’s bombshells. Now Philadelphia City Commissioner Al Schmidt, a Republican, has posted a tweet urging Mitch McConnell to convict Trump:

“The former POTUS incited supporters to threaten to kill my children and put their ‘heads on spikes’ because we counted votes cast by eligible voters. They named my children and included my home address in the threats. Please consider when voting your conscience.”

We continue to suspect that McConnell wants Trump convicted, but that he’ll only vote to convict Trump if he can get enough other Republican Senators to do the same. Now we wait to see if last night’s revelations end up scaring additional Republican Senators into believing that they need to convict Trump in order to keep their own political careers viable.

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