Marco Rubio completely jumps the shark

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Is there anyone in the Senate more irritating than Marco Rubio? Seriously, now. We all know Ted Cruz is a coward and an idiot. We know Ron Johnson is an insurrectionist. These men are loony and sycophantic and deeply disliked. Rubio is perhaps worse, though. Hear me out on this.

Rubio has no sense of self. He takes hypocrisy to so many levels, I’m surprised his photo is not featured next to the dictionary definition of “hypocrite.”

So, Rubio is apparently upset that Delta airlines spoke out against racism. And he was so upset that he wrote them a tweet calling them communists for doing business with China. Then he created a hashtag that read #WokeCorporateHypocrites.

Where do I even begin with this? Let’s start with the NRA. When faced on stage by weeping Parkland survivors begging him to denounce campaign contributions from the NRA, this is the same guy who refused to do so.

And this is the guy who tweets out Bible verses! The utter condescension with which Rubio treats his voters sickens me.

I genuinely hope this gutless and wimpish Floridian does not get reelected. Rubio is clearly so ambitious and so blatantly obvious in his sanctimonious rhetoric that it’s almost a parody. Luckily, many of his followers seem to know this as well.

Many politicians do this, and I have always marveled at how some do get away with it. Watching Rubio, I do wonder, “How can everyone not see it?”

Those are the same thoughts I had, and I’m sure you had, about one Donald Trump. For us, it’s so obvious. But there are people out there who genuinely believe that Marco Rubio cares about them. It saddens me. This tweet of his may go down as one of the most bizarre and distasteful tweets by any politician I have seen in a long time.

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