Ivanka Trump has a whole new scandal

With the Manhattan District Attorney’s office making major breakthroughs in its overwhelming criminal case against Donald Trump, we’re all waiting to see when he’ll end up being indicted, and which if any of his family members will be indicted along with him. In the meantime, Ivanka Trump has a scandal of a different kind.

While Donald Trump was occupying the office of President of the United States, he ridiculously had Ivanka Trump working in the White House in an ill defined role. Ivanka insisted she was carrying out a women’s empowerment initiative. But now the GAO has revealed that the program was a complete mess, and that it’s not clear where all the money even went.

None of this comes as a surprise. Donald Trump was completely unsuited and unqualified to hold office. His daughter was fully unqualified to hold a position in his administration. Of course she made a total mess of it. And it’s funny how whenever the Trumps are involved, no one ever can seem to figure out where all the money went.

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